To adjust the traction capability of your tractors, it’s necessary to adapt their weight according to their use. This adjustment must be able to be done quickly and safely to allow the ballast to added or withdrawn as needed. For that purpose, LAFORGE created Fleximass, an innovative solution for all your need in ballast management.

Quick & simple

Fleximass® connects on and off effortless, and without implements, to the front or rear 3-point hitch.

It can easily be moved from one tractor to another. There is no need to purchase specific weights for each tractor.

Fuel savings

• Fleximass® allows for easy adding or removing of weight. Hence, by removing weight during light work or transport, unnecessary soil compaction is avoided and fuel consumption is reduced.
• Fuel savings compared to wheel weights during speed change alone is 8% - 9%.


• Compatible with Cat.3N (front) or Cat.3W/Cat.4N (rear) hitches
• Use Easymass® weights or use a LAFORGE Weight Frame for standard tractor weights.


• Weight of Fleximass® (without weights): 220 kg
• Approximate ballast range (Fleximass® + weights): from 2000 to 3220 kg (4400 – 7100 LBS)
• Excellent visibility of rear, pull-type implements
• Weights clear implement tongue with the hitch in top position
• Easy drawbar access
• Compatible with most pull-type implements

Fleximass® ECO

Allow to pull / carry an implement up to 5 tons.

Fleximass® 2 stages 

Allows adjustment of ballast even with 3-point or 2-point implement

• Weight of 2-Stage Fleximass® (without weights): 650 kg
• Approximate ballast range (Fleximass® 2 stage + weights): from 2450 to 3650 kg (5400 – 8000 LBS)
• For fully mounted and semi-mounted (Cat.2N, Cat.3W, and optional Cat.4N implements)
• Compatible with pull-type implements
• Easy drawbar access
• Excellent visibility for rear mounted and pulled implements


Discover the full range of EASYMASS ballast solutions
(monobloc weights, wheel weights, etc.)

Available in option
for Fleximass® 2 stages

Offset kit
two hydraulic outlets to facilitate the connection of tools (up to 3 kits possible)

Connection kit
electrical signaling