Tillage implements

LAFORGE tine a unique and durable agronomic performance.

She has superior agronomic qualities to other tines on the market.
These qualities were recognized by the Gembloux Institute during comparative tests.

LAFORGE construction advantages

• Agronomy:

- Symmetrical wings for efficient shattering and minimum surface disturbance, even in wet conditions
- Maintenance of the superficial horizon
- Long and thin sharpening: Penetration in favored soil. Especially appreciated in difficult terrain or dry conditions
- Vertical homogeneity of the soil: No disruption of the horizons - Respect of the soil structure
- No formation of hollow areas: optimal root development
- Optimum porosity: Prevents soil asphyxiation and sole formation - Favored water circulation with capillary rise in case of drought and easy drainage in case of heavy rains


• Excellent penetration: Self-sharpening points 
• Easily interchangeable
: points with elastic pin bolts for reduced down time 
• Reversible lower
: shin for increased life 
• Reliability
: shearing bolt mounted with heat treated bushing for improved reliability 
• Return stop on tines bracket
 : prevents tines from interfering with tractors tyres when cap screw is sheared 
• Quality: high tensile steel 25 mm thick
• Adaptability: bolt on design  

Tillage implements range


UNIPASS is a subsoiler declined in front / rear combination. Its use makes it possible to obtain a uniformly aerated and uncompressed soil.

UNIPASS allowing: 
• Optimised tractor dynamic weight distribution
• Combination of heavy equipment while retaining great inter tines clearance
• Installation of disc coulters to cut cleanly through residues while keeping the rear end unit close to the tractor
• Easy folding to 3m width to simplify road travel


Flexipass® is a subsoiler designed to be rear attached to the tractor. There are two models: single bar and twin bar.

FLEXIPASS monopoutre : Single bar frame 150 mm with opening to accomodate PTO shaft for powered implements. Sizes: 3m (4 shanks) / 4m (6 shanks)
Multipurpose frame designed to either receive:
- A rear 3 point hitch which folds when lifted to reduce tractor hitch lift capacity requirement
- A rear 3 point hitch with geometry similar to a tractor hitch to ensure stability with high draft implements
- Tow hitch for trailed implement

Twin bar FLEXIPASS : This version is designed to offer increased clerance between shanks to cope with high levels of crop residue.
Sizes: 3m (5 shanks) / 4m (7 shanks)

Flexipass 3m | Double Row Mulcher | Depth 28cm

Subsoiler single bar

Single bar has been specially designed for your vines and the maintenance of your forest plantations.
• 4-way swivel tine
• Sharpening allowing an easy penetration even in dry ground
• Higher agronomic result thanks to the shape of the tine
• Compact: 1.02m maximum width
• Laforge construction quality